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The first deal is always the toughest. Therefore, we ask that you keep this in mind when ramping up with ScrapGo. We will earn your trust and loyalty if you give us the opportunity. To get started, register with ScrapGo. Once your basic information is entered, you can move on to the next step.

List material on ScrapGo

We contact you with firm offers

We pick up the material and you get paid!

Join the fastest growing scrap metal marketplace

Why Choose Us.

How ScrapGo is different than traditional scrap brokers

Traditional brokers only tell you a portion of the story. Most of them mean well, but they don’t have the capability to tell you the whole story. There are no limitations to ScrapGo’s reach; therefore, you get a broader audience with us than you would with a traditional scrap broker.

What does this mean?

Great question! Most scrap brokers say they have relationships with 10 – 12 buyers. Of that group, maybe 5 get the bulk of that broker’s business.

Why be limited to the depth of the personal relationships of your current broker? Why deal with several scrap brokers at the same time? Why do any of this when you can do it all through one powerful system?

As a market maker, ScrapGo saves scrap buyers money AND increases margins for scrap sellers

ScrapGo is the answer!