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ScrapGo Quickpay

Saving you time and money.

Get paid faster for selling us your scrap or hauling our scrap on one of your trucks.

How it Works

If you’re part of the ScrapGo network and ScrapGo QuickPay is a must have.

ScrapGo QuickPay gives suppliers and carriers quick and reliable payment terms.

Normally, you’d have to worry about waiting a whole month (or even more) to get paid…

But with QuickPay, you’re charged a flat fee of the total invoice. So there’s no wondering or worrying what the costs are going to be for each job.

And your money gets delivered faster, putting it back in your wallet so you can do what you want with it.

Your Money Delivered… In Just 3 Days.

Invoices sent on or before Tuesday get paid on Friday of the same week. Invoices sent beyond the cut off date get paid on Friday of the following week.

This gives you the potential to get paid ten times faster than normal.

There’s no need to wait 30 days.

Take advantage of ScrapGo QuickPay on your next sale or haul by letting us know pre-purchase.