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ScrapGo is a Chicago-based startup launched to transform the scrap industry. Turning it from an opaque, mysterious “club” into an environment that’s not only transparent but efficient. Our main purpose is to make it easy for market players like you to buy and sell scrap. Helping to make your market a bigger pond in which to fish, giving you more money & your time back. We handle the process from beginning to end to ensure a stress-free experience. And our data-driven platform ensures you’re buying or selling at the best price possible. Your needs are our concern. Tap below to join the scrapyard evolution today with ScrapGo!

What we do?

We swiftly and efficiently bring buyers and sellers together using cutting-edge technology to open up new markets and help sellers improve cash flow. We bring a transparent business model to an otherwise opaque industry with our focus on 100% customer satisfaction and quick payments (we pay faster than the mills!). Can’t get your loads directly into the mills? You can now with ScrapGo! Looking for help with expanding your buyer base? Look no further than ScrapGo! Need more material? Guess what–ScrapGo has the largest, most up-to-date catalog of available scrap in the world! And we’re growing! ScrapGo manages the transaction from beginning to end. We arrange for all transportation. If you want to be involved in transportation, let us know and we’ll discuss our options. We also handle the financial aspects of the transaction, essentially acting as an escrow agent that disperses funds once specific criteria is met from both sides of the table.

Savings in energy 75%
Savings in raw materials used 90%
Reduction in air pollution 86%
Water use 40%
Reduction in water pollution 76%
Reduction in mining wastes 97%

Every ton of new steel made from scrap steel saves:

Kg of iron ore
Kg of coal
Kg of limestone

Energy savings from other metals include:

Scrap is globally recognized as recyclable materials left over from product consumption that has significant monetary value. It typically ends up in scrapyards where it is processed and eventually melted into new products.

The scrap industry is a huge contributor to recycling worldwide. According to research conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, using recycled scrap metal can yield:

Aluminum savings of energy 95%
Copper savings of energy 85%
Lead savings of energy 65%
Zinc savings of energy 60%

ScrapGo has contributed to these savings and continues to contribute today.

The scrap industry is one of the oldest industries out there. For centuries, people have bought used or discarded items and repurposed them. Just because the industry is old doesn’t mean the processes have to stay in the dark ages! ScrapGo brings the market closer using the power of the internet and other proprietary technology.

We are changing the way scrap is bought and sold and at the same time making a big difference in the global sustainability effort!

Tons saved from landfill
Tons of scraps recycled
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Why Work with ScrapGo?

When you do business through ScrapGo, you can rest assured that we’ve done everything possible to give you the best scrap marketplace possible. Our main goal is to help you buy and sell scrap (among other things) in a way that makes your life easier. Putting more money in your pocket and getting back your time. All with ease of mind that everything’s been taken care of. How do we assure this? The seller has also gone through an extensive screening process before joining the ScrapGo community. All of the materials available for purchase on ScrapGo have been verified before being loaded onto the site. Pictures are included so you know exactly what you’re getting. Environmental certificates are always included where required and material chemistry is available upon request. All are geared towards getting you the best materials – at the best price with ease of mind. We’re here to help you. Feel free to explore more of what we do below, and you can reach out here if you have any questions.

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Our nationwide network means more people looking at what you’re selling. Or more options for when you’re buying. Either way, more is better here.

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